Year 9 Options

In March and April of each year we begin the options process with Year 9 students. We know this is a crucial decision for pupils and one that they can often agonise over. As a result, we aim to provide as much support for pupils and parents/carers before, during and after the options process.

All students have to study the Core and Foundation subjects, but pupils also have the choice of options. They are able to choose between history and geography, as well as a wide range of subjects across two option blocks. We aim to offer first choices wherever possible, but there are occasions where pupils are given their second or third choice. If, for example, not enough pupils chose a subject we might not be able to offer it.

Pupils will all watch an assembly, where they are introduced to the process and begin to find out about the courses we would like to offer and the types of qualifications available. This is then followed up by two weeks of taster sessions that allow pupils to experience the subject first hand, giving them greater insight. In EPC lessons, pupils will look at the options process, and subject teachers and Learning Managers are also be available to answer any questions.

We also calendar our Year 9 Parents’ Evening during this period to ensure face-to-face meeting time for parents/carers to discuss both current progress and options decisions.

We ask that pupils spend time making their choices – discussing them at home – before returning the completed forms to by the deadline. Once the forms are completed and collated, every pupil will have a meeting to discuss the choices they have made.